Next generation therapeutics targeting molecular motors

Our mission is to address critical unmet medical needs through the development of targeted therapies that go beyond symptom relief to directly target the root causes of diseases

Myosin Therapeutics is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company developing novel medications targeting cellular motor proteins, specialized molecular machines that convert energy into mechanical work inside cells

We are focused on developing therapies for central nervous system and oncology indications with a platform designed for targeting molecular nanomotor proteins. Our lead programs for glioblastoma and stimulant use disorder are specifically tailored to target myosin motor proteins, which play a critical role in a wide range of cellular processes.

Treatment of cancer

To treat cancer, we developed a family of dual inhibitors of NMIIA and NMIIIB to simultaneously block tumor invasion and proliferation.


Is the focal point of the oncology program. The lead indication being Glioblastoma, a devastating disease with 200,000 annual diagnoses and a dire 75% one-year mortality rate.

Treatment of substance use disorders

To treat substance use disorders, we developed a family of non-muscle myosin II inhibitors that regulate actin polymerization in dendritic spines, postsynaptic structures that are key to the motivation for drugs. 


Is the focal point of the substance use disorders program. The lead indication being Methamphetamine Use Disorder, a chronic disease that impacts over 2 million people in the US and for which there are no FDA-approved medications.

Our pipeline

Myosin Therapeutics is built around a platform for discovery of novel small molecule modulators for the understudied, but biologically important superfamily of molecular nanomotors.

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Other Cancer
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Investors and partners

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